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Welcome to How To Logistics. We provide all the tools you need to improve your supply chain and logistics. We’re passionate about improving business performance and efficiency. Our experience and knowledge helps both people and the companies where they work.

We provide accessible and understandable techniques, that guide you through to your own success. We are with you every step of the way. We start by offering you tools with clear examples and templates for you to use. We can also support you with an online consulting.

No need to buy a thousand books or to join expensive clubs

With How to Logistics, you choose the relevant tools for your current project or target. We provide the presentations that will convince your boss to allow you to move ahead with an improvement project. We also supply the templates for assessing and analyzing your current position.

We want to help you succeed in your career and improve your business’ performance.

Tools offered by How to Logistics

Tools for Purchase

  • Tool types include: Agreements, Analysis, Audit, Best Practice, and Decision Making.
  • Covering major logistic functions such as inventory, transport and warehouse management and outsourcing.
  • All tools come in standard document formats (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF)

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  • Many useful tools to help solve logistics problems.
  • There’s no catch. All you need to do is register on our site before downloading our free tools.

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Online Consulting

  • Get answers to your problems, over the phone or Zoom.
  • Available for purchase in blocks of 1/2 hour, 4 hours or 8 hours.

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The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit

The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit, by Gwynne Richards and Susan Grinsted, provides warehouse, inventory and transport managers with a comprehensive set of tools to tackle many of the day-to-day issues in order to drive efficiency and business success.

In a rapidly moving environment it offers quick, reliable advice. This toolkit combines crucial logistics tools with key business techniques including SWOT analysis, Gantt Charts, Cause and Effect Analysis and Maister’s rule.

Each tool is explained and put into context and examples are given of how it can be used within logistics.

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