Supply chain consulting from How To Logistics

We hope that the tools included on this web site will be able to answer many of the questions you have and solve some of your logistics issues. However, we appreciate that not everything can be solved through the use of tools.

We therefore provide both a telephone/skype consultancy service as well as on-site meetings. We will be very happy to discuss any particular challenges that you face. At How To Logistics, we can provide you with ideas and solutions based on our years’ of supply chain and consultancy experience.

To book consulting with us, please purchase one of the products below. You will be asked to provide your preferred date/time, and the particular question or problem you’d like to discuss. We will then contact you to set up a date and time that is convenient for you to Skype or meet with us.

PRE-paid sessions:
£50 for HALF an hour
£400 for HALF a day (4 hours)
£800 for a FULL day (8 hours)

Half day and full day consultancy rates cannot be split over different periods, however, multiple blocks of 30 minutes can be used at different times.

On-site meetings incur a minimum charge of £400 and will also incur travel and subsistence costs. The above costs will be reimbursed if an assignment is placed with our consultancy which requires five or more days of work.

All rates are subject to VAT in the UK.