RHA Members

Welcome to the interactive RHA cost tables

This interactive version of the RHA Cost Tables is designed to assist members with the task of relating rates charged to costs incurred.

They have two main features:

  • They are the result of a survey of real costs from a large range of road transport companies within the RHA membership. These have been used either directly or as the basis for discussion with manufacturers and suppliers to establish actual costs.
  • They make no claim to be your own costs or the increases or decreases you may have witnessed over the past year. Space is provided to build up a parallel picture of your own vehicle costs and overheads.

Guidance is given as to how to do this.

Once you have clicked on the link below you will be able to save the file onto your own computer.

We will let you know when next year’s figures are available for download if you want to make further comparisons.

The file has been comprehensively checked for viruses.
RHA Commercial vehicle costing tool 2023-2024