Standard Terms of Trade

APPRISE CONSULTING LTD trading as HowToLogistics

1. In these conditions “Client” means the person for whom the service is being rendered by Apprise Consulting Ltd trading as HowToLogistics, herein called “Apprise”

2. Except for terms and conditions notified to Apprise in writing before service has started or notified subsequently in writing and accepted by Apprise there are no terms or conditions applicable other than those contained herein.

3. Any contract of which these conditions form part shall be governed by the laws of England.

4. Subject to any express written instructions from the Client received in good time Apprise shall have absolute discretion as to the means and the method of executing the service provided that Apprise does not commit the Client to any expenses (such as advertising) for which the Client has not given prior approval.

5. The Client will provide Apprise with such information as Apprise shall require in order to provide the service and Apprise undertakes to treat this information as confidential unless asked by the Client to publish it.

6. The statements, surveys, forecasts and recommendations made by Apprise are made in good faith on the basis of information given by the client and otherwise available at the time and shall not be deemed to constitute or contain any express or implied representation, guarantee, warranty, contractual condition or other undertaking and shall not give rise to any liability for direct or consequential loss or injury or damage of any nature whatsoever.

7. Invoices properly issued by Apprise in accordance with the agreed scale of charges are statements of account and are due 30 days from date of invoice. Invoices which remain unpaid for more than 30 days after issue are subject to a surcharge payable to Apprise amounting to 2% of cumulative amount outstanding for each calendar month or part of a subsequent month during which the invoice remains unpaid.

8. Without prejudice to any liability to pay for services already provided the Client may terminate the assignment at any time by handing a written notice to that effect to Apprise’s representative on site or by writing to Apprise at: Apprise Consulting Ltd, 8, Rhodfa Sweldon Barry Vale of Glamorgan CF62 5AD

The Client will be liable for the full payment of fees and expenses incurred at the originally agreed rate up to and including the end of the day on which such notice is given.

9. Unless the Client requires an inclusive quotation for completion of a quite specific task or tasks, fees are quoted on a daily basis. A “day” is a working day of eight hours duration and time spent on the Client’s behalf will be charged whether the work is performed on the Client’s premises or elsewhere. The minimum charge is for half a day (four hours). Travel to and from the client will not be charged on a time basis. A mileage only charge will be levied.

10. Subsistence and cost of travel will be added as a separate item unless an inclusive fee has been agreed in advance. Subsistence will be charged at cost. Receipts will be presented.

11. Forecasts of the total work time or the total charges which will be involved in performing specified services or fulfilling a particular contract are given in good faith and are treated seriously by Apprise but they are estimates only and their fulfilment depends partly on the Client and partly on unknowns. No liability can be accepted by Apprise for their accuracy.

12. Assignments which are contained within a time span of a month will be invoiced on completion. Assignments which span more than one month will be invoiced at the end of each month. Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice by BACS.

Apprise Consulting Ltd, 8, Rhodfa Sweldon Barry Vale of Glamorgan CF62 5AD